Cause, Effect and Ripple Effects

If you are like some (many?) of us, you would have felt “not good enough” at some point in your life. Inadequacy issues will be nothing new to you. You and I am in the same boat as numerous others.

Writing about feelings of inadequacy is old news, too. The more we entertain the thoughts that we are not good enough, for whatever reasons, the more we are exposed to others acknowledging that they suffer from the effects of comparing themselves with others.

I do think that we convince ourselves of our inadequacy when we look at our own image with drooping shoulders and nervously looking everywhere, standing beside others who are smiling from ear to ear. We might as well fade to black.

We gain the power of invisibility.

Or, for others, they discover the power of over-achievement!

Whichever path we take in any situation, our choices will inevitably have their consequences. For every cause, there is an effect.

However, last year, I realized that for every cause, not only is there an effect, but the possibility of a few more ripple effects is high.

I admit, I am a little slow at times… a lot of times. Is my self-deprecating helpful to me? Is it a result of my inadequacy issue?

Fortunately, while there are a few instances when I choose to be invisible, to my advantage, I chose to be an over-achiever, or it chose me. As a result, I have the tendencies to be obsessive-compulsive, a perfectionist, a control-freak, a neat-freak, demanding, high-maintenance, etc. I am working on some of the issues.

Taking my need for neatness and tidiness as example, it helps to live with family members who don’t mind the mess. I would be exhausted if I had to clean up after everyone, every time they leave a trail of mess along the way. I would lose sleep. I could be very moody. I could be resentful. I could take the negative emotions to work. My work will be affected. And so on, and so forth.

The small ripples could even cause big waves.

Granted, I can practice the teachings of The Secret. There are times when it is challenging to be a superwoman or superman.

Imagine: feelings of inadequacy => over-achievement => perfectionism => …

I am working on my feelings of inadequacy.

What about you?

Much love and hugs,

Anne J.