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A Different Month

It’s a good summary of the first month from Patient Zero (5th of March) to the first few days of April when we were already in lockdown; watch it.

Watching this, seeing and being reminded of how others live during this tough time, I feel a little guilty for the spoiled brat moment I had a couple of days ago, when I was feeling sorry for myself because I can’t shop for house slippers and clothes.

I tell myself though that for my own mental health, I know that guilt isn’t healthy. We all have different situations. I shouldn’t be apologetic for my life, where I am, what I have, etc., because no one truly knows about my journey. I was the only one there really, for even when I had been blessed with people in my life, no one really knew what I was feeling deep inside. At times, I probably didn’t even know what was in my heart and mind.

No one else lived my life before today except me. In fact, even presently, not many can see the behind-the-scenes of the movie that is playing out.

We celebrate life. We celebrate our accomplishments. We mustn’t be shy of growth and progress. We mustn’t hide our achievements. We must inspire! We cannot inspire when in our intention to embrace humility, and for fear of offending others, we show the lack instead of abundance.

We shouldn’t apologize for our blessings. Instead, in our gratitude, we do our best to share our blessings, as we pray for the recovery of the world from this disaster.

Yeah, I got all that from watching this EWN documentary.

Best wishes during this Easter long weekend (for South Africa). Let us celebrate life even in the midst of death, for it is the life we live that makes sense of death.

Much love and hugs,

Anne J.

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