Muted by Anxiety

With a smile, simply, I gazed upon you Disregarded thoughts, feelings that were true What I thought you thought of me I should be ‘Though authentic I could have been I knew Zillion words essentially pertinent Consequential, or insignificant Conceivably… certainly said in jest Haphazardly frivolous, indifferent On reflection, heartfelt words left unsaid Together, difference…… Continue reading Muted by Anxiety


Better at depression

I was just a melodramatic princess-wannabe who failed to get the prince Barbara Cartland wrote about in her books that I read about in my teens. People would say…

So, I didn’t dwell much on whatever I was going through. It was something that would pass. Everyone said…

I am just a drama queen, with a natural tendency to be manic depressive.

But, I was diagnosed with clinical depression.