Last week… homo sapiens and social media

Last week, as I embarked on my new adventure, my fellow earth-inhabitants saw it fitting to stir my otherwise peaceful, albeit exhausted, mind and being. Fortunately, my exposure only occurred on Saturday. I would like to address the POTUS first to get it out of the way. I must say though that I did not…… Continue reading Last week… homo sapiens and social media

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Crossroads, or something like that

As I continue to journey through life, no matter how much practice I’ve had from countless yesterdays, I still find myself lost. If it’s inevitable, I don’t know for sure. Uncertain and naive, I imagine a straight road to my destination. I stop dead in my tracks and gaze on the path ahead. Alas, not…… Continue reading Crossroads, or something like that

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Daydreams and Illusions – #NaNoWrimo #amwriting

The truth was out there long before we recognized it. I’ve been familiar with it for years but when I come face to face with it, I remain awed. Indeed, the mind is a powerful thing. All I need to be free from daydreams—for the sake of my life—is to stare reality in the face…… Continue reading Daydreams and Illusions – #NaNoWrimo #amwriting