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No right or wrong emotion

Not everyone benefits from a happy person! Sometimes, a sad person is exactly what one needs. Simpatico, I suppose. (But always be yourself; you don’t need to be sad to be sympathetic.)


I am a naturally cheerful soul. Fine, I’m goofy! I am convinced that it is my purpose on earth to spread the sunshine. I expect my friends to absorb my joy. I often think that my high spirits will erase their melancholy. It is only today that I realize my bliss is most probably detrimental to their gloom. I merely amplify the temporary absence of happiness in their hearts, or lives.

Living Passionately

A fellow blogger expressed her doubt about the effect of her depression to her readers. She wondered if she was a negative influence to them. Was she not promoting sorrow? I commented that her posts were likely doing the opposite as she feared because sometimes the best thing for a depressed person is to know that he/she is not alone. Reading about another person’s emotional and/or psychological challenges, I think, is reassuring. It’s nothing personal. No one is victimized or picked on. It does happen. When we are ready to shrug off the glumness, we will look for and listen to the jolly one.

I am cheery in my natural state but it doesn’t mean that I don’t experience the negative emotions. I struggle with anger and despondency, too. In fact, I had to seek help to manage those unwanted trespassers. At one point, my psychologist saw symptoms of Bipolar Disorder II. I am better now. I am able to recognize that when I am in a less than pleasant stage, I tend to cower and shrink to my quiet solitude. I open up my heart, and mouth, when I see it safe for my emotions and me to come out.

TrollsI am fortunate to have an innate disposition to [want to] see the truth, eventually, even if it hurts, and to choose joy, even if it means therapy and counseling. I am lucky to have been blessed with the thinking that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I know now that I can only gain from talking and sharing. But, not everyone has my make-up. I know that, too, so I do my best to practice empathy. That way, I am able to truly sympathize. I can tone down the Poppy in me and be a little like Branch, for that higher purpose! After all, I should really know

Joy & Sadness

There is no right or wrong emotion; there is a right time for each emotion. The Holy Bible teaches the same: there is a time for everything! There is a place and time for sadness, joy, fear, disgust, anger.

But –

Whatever you’re feeling, don’t resort to evil. It’s unacceptable!


9 thoughts on “No right or wrong emotion

  1. Anne, this is a lovely post. I really appreciate hearing your thoughtful perspective on moods and our interactions with others when we are happy, sad, despondent, exhilarated, etc. I do agree that when one shares one’s own thoughts with others that it is reassuring to the other, rather than bringing them down as well.
    “It is only today that I realize my bliss is most probably detrimental to their gloom.” No! not at all.


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