Writing and what keeps me away from it

A fellow writer and blogger, one I consider a good friend although we haven’t met, has set out to be a more #productivewriter. She refers to her new experimental project “Writing into the Dream – a six-week experiment in becoming a more productive writer”. Click here to read her post. I am in the middle…… Continue reading Writing and what keeps me away from it

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Fiction: Cinderella and Her Diamond Heels #fiction #amwriting #cinderellamythmaker 

Originally posted on Mandibelle16:
Thank you to?Anne at I Think, I Say, I Do?and?Theresa Baker – Lab Notes?for hosting the #cinderellamythmaker?Cinderella: Collaboration Project. Credit: http://www.giphy.com – Cinderella Cleaning Bubbles Cinderella could feel her back begin to ache as she washed the floors by hand. The mansion she now cleaned had been her father’s mansion before…