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Jimmy: Romy, the new shiny kid in town

There’s a new sparkle in town I want… and sometimes, I do get what I want. It’s a matter of priority. 🙂 Better yet, there is the other Romy version with Crystal Hotfix instead of just the multi coarse glitter fabric… for four times the price: from 2,050 to 2,395 Euros. Hey, if you can…… Continue reading Jimmy: Romy, the new shiny kid in town


The Perfect Pair (Flash Fiction)

I can’t seem to make the deadline of the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition (recommended by Ronel the Mythmaker); I receive the emails on a Saturday evening at about 8pm and there just isn’t enough time… But, I’m giving it a go anyway; the writing part anyway. Since I can’t submit anymore, I’m posting it here.…… Continue reading The Perfect Pair (Flash Fiction)