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Today, I #amwriting

That’s right, I am writing today, although the featured image doesn’t support that claim. 🙂 But, here’s how it is at the moment, as I sit at my desk. I love looking at the moon.

I am writing

I started writing another one of those sensual poems…

Smile as if to say
I am fine, delighted. Charmed
Since we parted ways
Yet my eyes betrayed me so
Despairing, desire burning

On further thought, I concluded I was starting to get boring so I decided to add another five lines, so I ended up with this Tanka:


Smile as if to say
I am fine, delighted. Charmed
Since we parted ways
Yet my eyes betrayed me so
Despairing, desire burning

Revenge intended
Pain of betrayal remained
Never forgotten 
I have not yet forgiven
Hurt suffered, you, too, shall feel

© 2018 Anna Jailene Aguilar 

This was yesterday’s poem, originally published here:

Coming Together (Poem)

You can see the pattern considering the other two recent poems: In Your Arms and Blush; In Your Arms was published on this blog with a short story entitled “In his arms”.

I also wrote a short story, supposedly for the Microcosms (Flash Fiction) but I wasn’t worried about the word count. I went way over the word count, so I was left with the onerous task of pruning. I failed, with twenty six more words than allowed. I shared it for fun. And because I surprise myself with my writing these days, I am sharing it here, too. The other requirements, apart from the 300-word count limit: character – lorry drive, setting – warehouse, genre – crime.

Run-of-the-mill day no more

People should seriously consider the sudden inspiration to deviate from the routine. If only the walls of the warehouse could talk and warn him, but they could only watch.

The lorry driver parked outside, unlike all other occasions when he drove into the workshop floor and parked in front of the reception. It was dusk. The pedestrian door was ajar.

The door hardly creaked. His sneakers made no noise against the concrete floor. He could hear someone breathe, if there was a soul there.

He could hear someone breathing. He was about to call out to the manager, deciding it couldn’t be anyone else, but shook his head instead, narrowing his eyes. The sound was more like a whimper. Suddenly, an eerie feeling sweeps through his body. In hindsight, he should have stopped to think before walking in to the warehouse. Slowly, he turned towards the door.

“Hey, Bill!” Marlon, the manager, greeted him. “Did I startle you?”

“You did,” Bill, the driver, agreed as he chuckled. ” I heard something. I’m glad it’s just you.” He uttered a sigh of relief. “Howzit?”

“Cool. Yeah, just me.” Marlon put his hand on Bill’s shoulder, slightly leading him out. “Dropping off some paperwork?”

“Yes, then I’m off. I’m taking the truck home tonight. Remember?”

“Of course.” Marlon took the papers from Bill. “Off you go, then.” He patted Bill on his back.

Bill started towards the door. “Don’t work too late, boss.” He turned around briefly and saw Marlon grabbing the big scissors from the counter.

The next morning, the police found the truck on the workshop floor, an unconscious driver sitting behind the wheel, holding the bloody scissors, blood splattered all over his body. Behind the reception counter was a dead naked receptionist, her pretty face covered with blood, her throat slashed multiple times.

Bill would give his side of the story upon gaining consciousness. Unfortunately, the walls wouldn’t be able to help support his claims.

I sure am happy I am writing, both poetry and fiction! Now, I just need to get my non-fiction prose up to scratch.

Do you have your muse with you, as mine is with me? I hope so.

This reminds me of an important date: tomorrow! Those of you writing your retelling of William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream should now be almost ready to submit. Email to aj@annajaileneaguilar.com. I am looking forward to reading your stories.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Much love and hugs,



18 thoughts on “Today, I #amwriting

  1. Very good short story you wrote there.

    It reads like the beginning of an Alfred Hitchcock film.

    And the rest of the film would deal with the poor truck driver trying to prove his innocence.

    Ah so the deadline for A Midsummer Night’s Dream Re-Imagined is tomorrow.

    For some reason the first time I read the contest rules, I thought the deadline was sometime in the fall.

    You have a happy and blessed Easter as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a mil! My short stories seem to show promise of a novel until I realize I don’t have much to proceed. Ha-ha! I used to think I can only write romance but my crime isn’t too bad. 🙂

      Time is also an issue as I write during my spare time. Well, I try to free up more time for writing now. I have a 9 to 6, a new one from January, and the first few couple of months were draining but I am used to it now so my brain isn’t so fried anymore at the end of the day.

      Please see if you can whip up a Midsummer retelling. We will accept still in April. After all, I am intrigued what you will come up with. 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

  2. are there degrees of passion?hmmm…perhaps….but the writer somewhat has passion in all 5 senses….a desire and zeal to be alive and explore the senses to the fullest.i admire this.the 5 senses are also very important to my being….

    Liked by 1 person

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