The Last Leaf of Fall – #ShortFictionBreak

What happens in Vegas…
The Last Leaf of Fall (7)
…stays in Vegas. But, not that way.
Where the story begins

The Last Leaf of Fall (3)

Where most of the story happens

The Last Leaf of Fall (6)


“Philip, things have changed. I wish… no, I can’t. I won’t complicate my simple life.” She shrugged. “I’m glad we bumped into each other though. It had been tough getting over you. It took me ages to stop comparing everyone with you. What we had was perfect… for me.”

“For me, too,” he admitted.

“Why, I don’t know. Do you?” she asked.

He smiled. “The heart has its reasons… and we don’t have to know.”

“Pascal. But, my therapist said you’re an illusion. We’re an illusion.”

“We’re real, Jules. Honestly…” He paused to let out a nervous chuckle. “It’s just been several months that I’m able to remotely consider moving on. I was… I am convinced you’re the only one for me, that I’d love you till death. It was merely wrong timing. We now have it right. Destiny, you know.” She was about to protest but he continued, “I know you’re engaged. That can change, and not because I say so. I don’t know if you’ll leave him and come back to me. I think you feel the same as I do… I see in your eyes. We’re soulmates and we’re too old to waste time… unless we want to be together at seventy, walking canes and all.”

The Last Leaf of Fall (9)

As they reached the peak on their high roller ride after dinner at the Bellagio, Philip inched closer and proposed, “What if you drive with me to LA? Or, I fly with you to New York? We’ll figure out the rest later.”

Click here to read the full story, ‘The Last Leaf of Fall’. It will be really nice to hear your feedback so please leave a comment at the end of the story on SFB’s website.

Here are some Las Vegas photos to accompany this love story which took place in Las Vegas 🙂

The Last Leaf of Fall (4)

The Last Leaf of Fall (5)

The Last Leaf of Fall (8)

The Last Leaf of Fall (10)


13 thoughts on “The Last Leaf of Fall – #ShortFictionBreak

  1. I loved the fall Writing contest as well, and wrote AUTUMN GOLD which I have on my other blog – Here’s How It Happened. Link to it, if your are interested is –
    Thank you for following my Morning Meditations blog, where I have a series of Children’s stories about life as a missionary family in Malawi, Africa.
    I went through the J-berg airport last April – beautiful.

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    1. Hi Jackie. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I honestly thought I replied to you. Sorry about that. I like your story very much. I prefer this ending. I didn’t feel a lot of love yet from the new guy. I’m happy you found a way for Peter and Autumn (Audrey) to be together again and not be criminals. 😊 Maybe you’ll come this way again and spend a day or two here. It will be delightful to meet you. 🤗


      1. We consider them practice and practice and more practice and hope to eventually get the recognition before we give up. 😀 Luckily, we don’t easily give up. Thank you my dear friend.


      2. Now that you mention it, persistence has been my “secret weapon” ever since I was a child, Anne! I remember not being “the best” at something in school, but because I kept at it after other kids lost interest, eventually I made progress and became pretty good at whatever it was. There’s something to be said for persistence over mere raw talent! ❤ ❤ ❤

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