One day in Paris

Flash fiction entry to Microcosms (77) on the 23rd of June.
Character: Day Tripper
Setting: France
Genre: Memoir
(299 words)


It was fate. I knew it was possible for a brief moment to change the course of one’s life. I just didn’t think that Paris would change me that way. It’s meant to be the most romantic city in the world. Wonderful memories to cherish forever were created in France. That was the plan.

I arranged a trip to France for our first wedding anniversary. I was going to surprise my husband. I thought it was ideal as we had both been working hard. I also had a meeting in Paris with clients on Thursday. I was taking Friday off and we would then spend the weekend in Bordeaux. I was sure he would welcome the break from his writing. Bordeaux could prove inspirational, too. I simply wanted to drink wine and relax. I had not anticipated a possible scheduling complication. He had said he was meeting his agent in London and wouldn’t be able to travel with me but he promised to follow. We would just meet in Bordeaux. It was still workable.

I had time to kill before my flight to Bordeaux so I decided to head out to Champs-Élysées. I had been eyeing a Louis Vuitton bag and it was my perfect opportunity to spoil myself. I had not been feeling too great about myself. I suspected that my feeling of inadequacy was rearing its ugly head. I had long realized that a successful career and confidence did not sufficiently compensate for the fact that I just didn’t feel good enough.

In hindsight, I wished it hadn’t been a perfect opportunity to kill time and spoil myself. I wouldn’t have bumped into my husband and his mistress and accidentally pushed him in front of an incoming tourist bus.

A new life was only beginning for me.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

One day in Paris - City Tour Bus
One day in Paris

What the judge said about the week’s contest:

“The prompts were excellent this week, and yielded a brilliant collection of stories; makes judging a mixed blessing. The entries were fascinating inasmuch as some took a genre and, while staying true to that genre, gave it qualities of another: a romantic thriller, for example. I also enjoyed the formatting and presentation of one in particular. Your stories are a brilliant way to learn this craft of writing. Thank you.”

And this was the judge’s favorite line from my flash fiction:

“I wouldn’t have bumped into my husband and his mistress, and accidentally pushed him in front of an incoming tourist bus.”

Judge: “Killer line! Fantastic.”

Source: One day in Paris

6 thoughts on “One day in Paris

    1. Thanks so much, Bianca. Ron thinks I’m so predictable with my stories these days. I kill everyone. Haha! When you’re on holiday, maybe you can try one or two. It’s quite fun… when the creative juices are cooperating. 🙂

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