Point of No Return

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This was my entry last Saturday (left exactly as it was submitted). I struggled for hours and lost sleep, finishing and submitting only at about 03:00 am, South African time. The sacrifice paid off. This is my 2nd win. Yay!


“You built a great character here: from her hesitancy to her fierceness, she grew in a couple of sentences. I like the fantasy and magic elements – and that’s she’s going to rule!”

I’d add more about the bouncer’s scariness – just to show how scary the MC really is when she kills him.

Great story.

The best thing about joining the weekly challenge is the feedback on how I can improve the story. As I have no formal training in writing, the advice and corrections are valuable to me. (For the advice and corrections, click on the link above.)



(296 words)

Most epic adventures don’t start out with an application and an insurance waiver. Or do they? I wasn’t sure. Establishments that provide dangerous sports make participants sign waivers. This one was certainly not prepared for possible lawsuits. I found that strange considering the kind of adventure on offer.

My younger brother didn’t agree with me. “There is no excitement in anything that involves paperwork,” he said.

“It may be so, brother, but something is fishy. Did you see the picture of where we’re going?”


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