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Cinderella & the Black Ribbon at Fostel Hall Pt. 4

The excitement continues. The suspense has me holding my breath.

Enjoy this second last installment (Part 4) of Alexis’ take on the classic folk tale, Cinderella. It’s a short story version of a bestseller.

Alexis Chateau


Henry lay in the hospital bed with his eyes closed. His right hand fingered the bit of black silk he had tied around the left. In his mind’s eye, he could see her still, struggling with her demons while she slept.

He had wanted to reach out and enclose her in his arms. Just to hold her. Nothing more. Blessed with more than a fair share of his father’s good looks, and his mother’s easy charm, he had never felt so inept in a girl’s presence before.

But she had that power, even now. And so he had run his fingers over the black ribbons in her hair instead, while she slept. When she cried out in her sleep and woke once or twice, he had quickly shut his eyes, and pretended to sleep.

What would she have thought to find him wide awake and staring at her in the…

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