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Cinderella & the Black Ribbon at Fostel Hall Pt. 3

I am sure that after this you definitely will be holding your breath for the next installment. I can’t wait to read what happens next. And that’s even if we know the Cinderella story. This is really such a great take on the classic! Love it!

Thanks so much once again for taking up the challenge, Alexis! I am late with my reading as I have been ill and I was just so slow with everything.

Alexis Chateau


The rain came down in torrents.
Lightning flashed.
Thunder roared.

The earth turned to mud and slush beneath her horse, making each step more dangerous than the last. Finally, a wind picked up. It turned the lower branches into weapons, whipping at her head.

One lashed her across her back, pushing her forward. Lightning disliked the sudden movement. He tried to run, and slipped; barely maintaining his balance, while he skidded to a stop.

Finally, Cindi dismounted. It wouldn’t be easy to control Lightning without harness or lead. He was as willful as she was, and the weather was not the kind that encouraged obedience. But riding him was far more dangerous.

“C’mon Lightning…” she coaxed him. “You shouldn’t be afraid of your own namesake.”

She led him through the darkness, using her phone to light the way. But the rain soon put an end to that. She cursed under her…

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