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Cinderella & the Black Ribbon at Fostel Hall Pt. 2

Here’s Part 2 of Alexis’ Cinderella story. Enjoy the suspense! 🙂

Alexis Chateau


Richard watched and waited.
And while he waited, he fumed.
And while he fumed, he drank.

Beyond the hills, the sun blazed a fiery red and orange, before exploding into pink and purple, and finally a dark and navy blue. Then, a black shadow settled over all he could see; like a heavy cloak, obscuring everything.

Did he prefer obscurity? Would it be better to carry on in ignorant bliss?

But in truth, there had been no bliss for quite some time. Not since Maria lay spent and lifeless in the birthing bed. Not since Abuela followed too soon, afterwards. Not since his wife.

And so he drank.
As he did, the burdens felt a little lighter.
And so did the bottle.

It was another hour before he heard her Jeep pulling into the yard. It was a scruffy old thing she saved up for and bought third-hand off his father – now too…

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