What I Need

I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

I’d like to just write now instead of going to sleep.

I do love what I do.

I love finance.

I love the business world.

I even like my job.

I dislike that my job is in Midrand. It’s far from home.

The job I had, based at the Palazzo Towers, was better; the boss, too.


It seems what I need is a husband to pay for all our bills and living expenses and still give me an allowance equivalent to my current earning less said bills and living expenses. 😂😂😂

Or, a job near home, to start with. 🙂

But for now, I am grateful for my job that pays well and the fact that I am able and capable of doing the work.

I am. Grateful. I truly am.


8 thoughts on “What I Need

    1. If only we could “magic” into our worlds double the time we now have. 🙂 And we will have to take more of your time still (for the Cinderella project); preparing for publication… but don’t tell I gave away a secret. 🙂

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