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Fiction: Cinderella and Her Diamond Heels #fiction #amwriting #cinderellamythmaker 

What a Cinderella story to end off our Cinderella Anthology Project. It is the same classic Cinderella story BUT with an edge and new twists. It’s an awesome read, indeed.



Thank you toAnne at I Think, I Say, I DoandTheresa Baker – Lab Notesfor hosting the #cinderellamythmakerCinderella: Collaboration Project.

cinderella-washing-floor Credit: – Cinderella Cleaning Bubbles Cinderella could feel her back begin to ache as she washed the floors by hand. The mansion she now cleaned had been her father’s mansion before her stepmother poisoned his tea. Her stepmother had convinced her father’ s old solicitors that Cinderella was too young to take care of the mansion when she was twelve-years-old. The vile woman had claimed Cinderella’s home for herself and her two spoiled daughters Giselle and Monique.

Cinderella wouldn’t legally be able to have the mansion back until she was married or twenty-five-years-old. She knew her stepmother wouldn’t allow either to occur. Her only hope was to be able to have enough money to afford the solicitor her stepmother had offended.

Her stepmother had…

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3 thoughts on “Fiction: Cinderella and Her Diamond Heels #fiction #amwriting #cinderellamythmaker 

    1. Ha-ha! There must be a reason. Like Amanda is my worst female villain; she’s the Queen B1@%# . Lol!
      I look at meanings of names when I decide on names of my characters. I also have my favorite girl names like Elizabeth and Andie. There was a series of books with Elizabeth Gail (I think) as the protagonist. She was a pianist. I forgot what it’s called. Andy, if I’m not mistaken, was Molly Ringwald in the 80’s Pretty in Pink? My age is showing. Lol!

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