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Driving Miss Cinde

And here’s our newest addition to the best Cinderella Anthology Project ever! 🙂

I really, really enjoyed reading this gem (gem squash? haha!) and so well-written that I hear the pumpkin.


Leaking Ink


Darn the wily old godmother who flicks a wand and expects me to turn into a chariot to take some silly weepy lass to a lame old ball, along with a bunch of filthy animals dressed in fancy tailcoats, of all the ignominies, and all because she promised to protect us from that greedy avaricious no-good Peter.

Quid pro quo she calls it, huh, can’t even expect a fairy to do a good deed without demanding something in return!

Just let the clock strike twelve, and if I don’t spill my innards all over her precious Cinderella, you can hand me over to that wife-beating pumpkin-eater or carve me up into a Jack-o-lantern and I won’t even spit a seed.

So I stumbled upon this really fun collaborative writing challenge to reimagine the Cinderella story from another perspective, and couldn’t help recall what I had written earlier.
This was my…

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