Steal my checklist and stop feeling overwhelmed in the mornings

This applies to all but it’s most helpful, I believe, to many who are like me who dislike mornings.

I sometimes lie in bed for another 15 to 30 minutes, doing nothing else but debating with myself whether I should call in sick. Of course I don’t, unless I’m really unwell, and I end up flustered and overwhelmed trying to get everything done (except the washing of the hair, obviously due to time constraint) so I can get my toddler to nursery school in time for me to not be tardy for work.

Thanks so much, Dr. Martina, for sharing this. (I’m an ENTJ.)

When something is cognitively taxing, who gets the tax?

When I hear the word checklist, I think of bored looking men with clipboards standing by conveyor belts, doing quality control in a soulless brave new world factory worshipping Henry Ford. However, things changed when I first had to actually use one – during a flying lesson. It didn’t seem that bad at all, providing reassurance and a sense of completion. The negative reinforcement of doing 2g must have kept this thought dormant for a long time, but I decided to revisit these beacons of productivity that I imagine all the perfect people from Instagram tick off every day.

checklist to use in the morningMy first flight was out of Biggin Hill near London with flirty Irish-Italian instructor who insisted on doing 2g straight away

There are things that are inherently hard to do.

Realistically, getting out of bed is something that comes easily to a very select few – and these select few change every…

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