Cinderella Stories and Poetry

Update (Sunday, 05Feb): Newest entry – flash fiction
Lights (Short Story) by Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Happy Friday to y’all! 🙂

It’s Friday Fiction and I don’t have yet a story to share with you but I’m working on some including one specific short story which will be my 2nd Cinderella story for our Cinderella Anthology Project.

Cinderella Anthology Project

Theresa wrote:

Inspired by the many versions of  the folk tale of Cinderella from around the world, my fellow creative blogger Anne Van der Merwe and I each wrote a new version of Cinderella and posted our story to our blogs in the past couple of weeks.

We then decided we wanted to gather a collection of inventive stories of Cinderella written from a different angle than the traditional folk tale.  We are extending an invitation to  our readers and colleagues in the creative blogging community to join this collaborative project.

Join the excitement and spice up your writing life!

You have until the end of this month to write your very own take on this classic folktale. It is going to be an awesome experience and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Here are our 2 invitations:

From Theresa Barker – awesome author, by the way 🙂

From yours truly 🙂

Cinderella Anthology Project – Submissions

We already have truly amazing works submitted by writers, authors and poets of this fabulous WordPress community of ours. Do check them out and perhaps you will be inspired.

Borrowed Bounces (Short Story) by Bianca Greyvenstein

Just Deserts (Short Story) by Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Grimms Fairytale Version – Cinderella – Pantoum Poetry – Part 1 (Poetry)
Grimms Fairytale Version – Cinderella – Pantoum Poetry – Part 2 (Poetry)
by Elsie Hagley

The Tribulations of James the Second (Short Story) by Liz Kellebrew

Inner Cinderella (Poetry) by Meenakshi Sethi
Cinderella (Short Story) by “creativeworldm”

Drizella, Cinderella’s Stepsister: My Story (Short Story) by Edith Follansbee
(via) J.G. Follansbee | Tales of the Warming

A Kingdom for a Shoe (Short Story) by Sunny Lanning

Cinderella: A Florilegium of Haiku (Poetry) by Sangbad

Lights (Short Story) by Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Little Rich Girl – Cinderella re-imagined (Short Story) by Theresa Barker

Just Another Lost Slipper (Short Story) by Theresa Barker

City of Magic (Short Story) by Anna Jailene Aguilar-Van der Merwe

Valentine’s Day is also around the corner so there will be more inspiration for some romantic stories.

However, we’re not only looking for romance; almost all genres are welcome. Your story can also be from the perspective of any of the main characters.

We’re looking forward to reading your Cinderella story or poem.

Happy writing!



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