What is it about you?
I wonder if this is true!
I can’t explain what I feel
Every night you’re in my dream

With everything my eyes see
Your image flashes before me
I say your name when I speak
You are the subject when I think

I look for reasons to answer why
It’s you I want in my life
Never before my heart desired
A love that also exists in mind

Am I a fool for loving you?
Will you love me the way I do?
I do believe, oh, I think so,
Given time, I’ll be with you.

I surely will not give you up
The faith I have should be enough
Someday you’ll see it’s meant to be
Forever, together, is for you and me.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar-Van Der Merwe
Throwback post for:
I think, I say, I do [ithinkisayido.wordpress.com]
Originally written in November 1999




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