So many questions come to mind
It seems I had been truly blind
Too scared, too weak, oh, so uptight
My heart has failed to do what’s right

You came along into my life
Making my days complete and bright
The thought of you brought endless smiles
You were the reason I felt alive

You always showed how much you cared
Forever honest about how you felt
With you I was a special one
I was convinced I was important

With everything you were to me
I really was grateful and happy
To me you were simply the greatest
I should have taken the risk, at least

But I was too afraid to try
The chance I had did pass me by
I did not listen to my heart
I was too worried I would get hurt

I can’t believe I let it happen
I did not fight enough to win
I was the loser from the beginning
As I surrendered without even trying

And now I can’t get through to you
You seem far, I can’t reach you
There’s probably none I can do
I am sorry, that you should know

© Anna Jailene Aguilar-Van Der Merwe
I think, I say, I do [www.ithinkisayido.wordpress.com]
Throwback post
Originally written on the 19th of April 1999
2nd poem of the two written on that day

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