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I wrote my Blogging Survivalist Award for my Travel blog a couple of days ago where I posted the YouTube video of Destiny’s Child’s Survivor and wrote:

“Oh, did that song get me through that awful break up! And another! And another! But not the divorce. That was ancient history. This is the story of my life. It’s practically a theme song, and I have an EP to prove it. Yes, the physical disc.

But this post isn’t about heartbreak; it’s even the wrong blog.”

I survived and will [continue to] survive

Indeed, I am a survivor. More than that, I aim to go beyond mere surviving. I strive to come out triumphant. I live to make a positive difference to the world at large, or to some of earth’s inhabitants, one being at a time.

But, this is about surviving. And what other song beats Gloria Gaynor’s when it comes to survival? Nothing that I can think of right now. So, here’s the eternal feel-good, incessantly [ironically] happy song, ‘I Will Survive’.

Lol! I’m strange enough to qualify as an alien so this version of the song is kind of appropriate. Also, I was a permanent resident alien in South Africa until some time in January 2006.

Blogging Survivalist Award (BSA)

Mike, of ‘Solsbury Hill’ (Eccentric Musings and Observations), an impressive writer with a great sense of humor, created this award – Blogging Survivalist Award – for surviving his first year of blogging. His blog is terrific, by the way! Check it out here.


THE RULES pertaining to the acceptance of the Blogging Survivalist Award (BSA) are simple:

  1. Achieve one of the following Blogging milestones: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, (beyond 10 years, you’re a Zen Master, a virtual spiritual entity – Awards are pointless).
  2. Nominate yourself for the Award.
  3. Humbly accept the Award and acknowledge yourself for the nomination.
  4. Copy and Paste the Award to your Blog (feel free to use my image or create your own).
  5. Tell the world whatever it is you feel like sharing at that particular moment.  Be nice.
  6. Bask in the spotlight for a day, then get back to work.

By the way, there’s nothing in the rules to indicate you cannot retro-post a BSA, so if you recently passed one, post away!

I nominate myself for the BSA and I humbly accept my nomination. 🙂

Blogging (Why and How)

‘I think, I say, I do’ is a year old. Happy birthday to this baby! Its official birthday is the 18th of November. It was yesterday, but life happened so I didn’t do the post as planned. I intended to prepare this post awhile back and schedule accordingly, as I said to Mike, yet again, life just kept happening. I’m awful with routine so reaching this 1-year-in-the-blog-world milestone is definitely an achievement!

While I have a crystal clear purpose for my ‘Food | Travel | Tour’, I’m a little vague here on my Life in Prose and Poetry blog. I’m fine with this lack of clarity (for now) though as this is the space where I am my authentic self. We are allowed to have compartmentalized versions of ourselves, right? In fact, my travels provided me my escape from my reality even temporarily.

Ambiguous as I may be, I do have an idea why I started ‘I think, I say, I do’. As with the other 2 blogs I started but fizzled out, I needed an outlet for my emotions and a practice venue for my writing. I started writing as a teenager but I neglected this passion whenever the busyness of life or the fun life took over my being. Writing is, as it has always been, my refuge in times of despair or sadness. However, I do believe that I shouldn’t only write when depressed. I only need to learn to write about peace and bliss, and love that’s devoid of drama.

My WP community, the best in the world

Having all of you in my WP community this past year has been truly helpful. I set out to grow up this year and although I don’t feel that I am as grown up as I envisioned, I have made progress. An important development is recognizing that how I handled the dark phase of my life helped me to move on but it failed to heal me completely. I am working on it now.

My WP community has tremendous impact in my life. Each one of you, every single of your posts, positively affects me. The degree of influence may differ but all of you combined make a significant part of my life and I appreciate you all.

You stimulate my mind. You inspire and motivate me.

You encourage me and you show love and care.

My fellow bloggers,
You're awesome; you love and care.
Life is beautiful!
Thank you!

‘Thank U’ by Alanis Morissette was one of the many songs that helped me through towards the end of the 20th century all the way to early in the new millennium, during my divorce and depression and the succeeding years of getting over the ordeal, the failure. It just made sense to me without fully understanding.

I have the following excerpt from Song facts:

Morissette wrote this after taking a year and a half off. She toured constantly in 1995 and 1996 to support Jagged Little Pill. The song is Morissette’s reaction to the conflicted feelings she had after achieving success. In her VH1 Storytellers appearance, she explained: “I felt that I lived in a culture that told me that I had to consistently and constantly look outside myself to feel this elusive bliss. And I achieved a lot of what society had told me to achieve and I still didn’t feel peaceful. I started questioning everything, and I realized that actually everything was an illusion and it was scary for me because everything I had believed in was dissolving in front of me and there was a death of sorts, a really beautiful one ultimately, but at first a very scary one, and so I stopped. I stopped for the first time and I was overcome with a huge sense of compassion for myself first, and then naturally that translated into my feeling and compassion for everyone around me and a huge amount of gratitude that I had never felt before to this extent. And that’s why I had to write this song, ‘Thank U,’ because I had to express how exciting this was and how scary it was and all of these opportunities for us to define who we are.”

Looking forward to the the next year

I am ecstatic to have made this 1-year milestone without disappearing completely. I have been present every single month. I have been around here every week save for a couple of months when I did find myself in situations that kept me away from WordPress.

For this second year, I endeavor to establish a routine. I know that it will be challenging especially in the beginning but I will not give up. The schedule below is a tall order but I have 12 months to work on it. *grin* Okay, I will have the first three months as my practice months and the beginning of the next financial/tax year (in my business world/world of work), 01 March 2017, is my target date to be blogging according to my schedule.


I am looking forward to reading your milestone post, your Blogging Survivalist Award post!

Here’s to months and months and years of happy blogging!


Much love to you all. Hugs xxx

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