https with mixed content (not secure)

Hi all,

Sorry about this. I’ve just noticed yesterday that this website – Blog ‘I think, I say, I do’ displays a gray lock with an orange exclamation mark which, I discovered, means that my https site is not fully secure due to mixed content (passive though) that are not secure (http)…? Something like that… Nothing hectic but I’m not comfortable without the full green lock. 🙂

I am reviewing all posts to look for any link that has http the re-blogs. I might end up deleting some comments or posts to get to a fully secure https site. From what my husband has found, these non secure contents are images (passive) and in comments. We are, however, unable to identity which posts has these contents (10 of them) so that I can remove them. We’re thinking that it is also possible that these images/http links are within the main page/site although a small probability only.

If anyone knows how to fix this properly, please, pretty please advise!

Thanks so much.

Much love and hugs to all,



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