A Miser

I am kindly asking those of you who don’t mind to share what you think about this as perhaps the employee is being unreasonable or a spoiled brat. I guess different point of views are sought so thoughts and actions can be aligned. Maybe what is being endured is worth the pain but perhaps it is not at all. Your input will be truly appreciated. :mrgreen:

He is called a [time-]miser boss. However, there must be other more appropriate terms for such persons in ‘power’. What would you call an employer who is all (not 1 or 2 but ALL) of the following below?

And what do all these make the employees?

1) He makes a big deal about even 1 minute of unexpected or nondeliberate tardiness as a general rule, so you better let him know if there’s a bit of traffic that will make you 5 minutes or less late, because he plans his day according to the expectation that you are at work before or exactly at the start of the work day but will not book a meeting with you (because he’s the boss) and is often late for scheduled meetings except for any meeting where he wants to reprimand his employees.

2) He calls you any time of the day and you are expected to attend to his requirement/s that very same moment or you are in trouble, so you really can’t take the lunch break to which you’re entitled according to either your employment contract or Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

3) Point (2) above means you can’t take any other hour or two during working hours for personal errands even if not busy in the office or even if you are out of the office in the performance of your work and in the area near where you need to do your personal errand. He says “just ask him” and he will let you go, but…

4) More often than not, say 90% of the time, when you ask for permission for (3) above, either you are flatly refused, your written request is completely ignored or you are told to just wait as he needs you for “something”… but that something doesn’t happen (90% occurence) and he doesn’t tell you it isn’t happening anymore and you are not able to go at all. There is, of course, a part of that 90% when he gives you permission but begrudgingly, saying he doesn’t have a choice but to excuse you. This feels like he’s pardoning you for manslaughter (a subjective emotional opinion of course).

5) He expects you to continue working after office hours if he calls you past the time the work day ends with something that needs to be done.

6) He calls at night to ask you to work on or take note of something (work-related) that comes to his mind which can even be attended to the next work day. Note that all concerned have the same phones with Reminders capability and/or Email functionality.

7) He will have no problem telling you to attend to work on a weekend (remember that you don’t take lunch or any time off work even for an hour or two for personal errands) and expects that work to be done.

8) Employees work even when slightly unwell. When really down with illness and employee asks to be excused, he conveniently forgets that there is such a thing as a 30-day sick leave entitlement within a 36-month cycle and you have to remind him. This is considering that the employees are sick less than half of the sick leave entitlement, or even less, per year.

9) When on leave (and annual leave days are spent), because work ethics “make” the employee offer to do so, he will eagerly accept an employee’s offer to do work while on leave, if and when necessary, notwithstanding location, using own resources (including expenses related to roaming while out of the country), and employee works while on ‘quasi-vacation’.

10) While the pay is appropriately good, and he can be generous, he pays, in relation to the contract terms;
     a) on time 10% or less of the time,
     b) late 80% or more of the time, and
     c) very late 10% or more of the time.

There are other characteristics possessed by him that are worth noting but they are not related to him being a miser with time and warrants a separate post so another time.

Would you be able to work for a person like this? If so, at what price, and how would you make it worth the “pain”?


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