My Perfect Love

(I believe that love is indeed most wonderful and while my marriage is more a comfortable companionship than a burning romance, my cousin is enjoying the excitement of romantic love. This is in celebration of her romance.  I was there, too, once upon a time… a cherished memory. Both loves are good, no doubt.)

There doesn’t seem to be a day
When I don’t wish to be with you
It is your smile I love to see
Pure joy and warmth, that’s you to me

Your voice is what I want to hear
Oh, when you speak I am all ears
Sometimes I think I will go mad
If one more day we are apart

I long to be so close to you
My heart aches ‘coz I miss you so
When I’m awake I think of you
And in my dreams you are there, too

When you are with me finally
I do not know how I should be
I tend to fret I do worry
I pray I do make you happy

I wonder what it is I feel
This whole thing just seems so unreal
But then that doesn’t bother me
You are perfect, so let it be!


© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)


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