Sweet One

To me he is sweeter than sweet
Warmer than summer at its hottest
Yet he is cool like winter’s night
Oh, and his smile, my own delight

I watch his face, anticipating
His eyes I know would be sparkling
The thrill I get from his touch
Exemplary! It has no match

He has that certain lazy move
Almost teasing with his approach
It feels like I can wait no more
But then again he’s worth it all

Yeah, fine! For some he’s not the best
In fact, he may not be the greatest
He can also get me upset
‘Though only for a little bit

True, he is almost like a child
One with mischief, rather wild
That makes him that special one
Who gives me life and all the fun

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)

This is an old poem, originally written on the 19th of February 1999, that I am posting especially for my cousin who will probably recite this with a huge smile on her face, a special person in mind.  I guess certain things do run through our family veins. *grin*


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