Nothing else but love

Is this simply confusion? Or, was I mistaken?
And right now, where I am, I just do not know
Why I feel this way, I do not have a hint or a clue
Find out where I stand, how do I do?

Love, in love, lust, infatuation – what is each about?
I know similarities, undoubtedly, there are none
Love is what I believe in, the others irrelevant
But how do I know for certain it is love in my heart?

Love is better than just the feeling of being in love
Therefore, it is obvious what I want in my life
But why is it so complicated most of the time?
Why do I feel lost quite often such as now?

Then, I think and contemplate but more than that I feel
It is not unwise to ignore my head and heed my heart
It is the best route for me to take as a matter of fact
Thus, ask questions, analyze and worry, I do not

For I heard one said, life is fragile yet love is not
So nothing matters whatever happens in my life
Whether my time on earth is meant to be long or short
Love is what I choose, anytime, no doubt, for sure.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)



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