Happy Heart Haiku

Happy Heart Haiku 02

Have you seen a man
You’d think would be sad and down
Soaking in the rain

He’s selling flowers
Lovely roses in the rain
I should have bought some

But spoiled brat I am
Would not open my window
Didn’t want the rain in

He had smiled and waved
I did the same, then a tug
Heart no apathy

I don’t like flowers
But money I can give him
Red roses or not

But there in the rain
Traffic light changed, car cut in
No sight of the man

Chance to help I missed
Awful feeling is what’s left
Turn back is the wish

It was still raining
Cats, dogs, even fish and frogs
Tomorrow, I’ll look

The cheerful good man
I’ll find and flowers I’ll buy
Joyful heart to share

Happy Heart Haiku 03
“Red Roses”, 1980 Oil Painting by A.D. Greer on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Red-Roses/dp/BooEYW6ZSQ)

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)


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