Seemingly I was asleep for a time too long a stretch
Now wide awake I see what’s left, if for me, I accept

I was too busy and life was more than great perhaps
To meditate, philosophize and merely think for own sake

It might have been that life was an enormous trial
An unpleasant state or circumstance I felt I needed to run away from

Deliberately I disengaged and disconnected me
From the world that was constantly changing and challenging

It could be that my existence was appallingly dreadful
So dreadful that I fell into the abyss of obscurity, purposely

I may have missed out on the good and bad without exception
I dreamed of nothing, no present, no future, past brought forward

Surprisingly, I learned many though experiences seem absent
The process forgotten of how I came to be

Yet, I am me right now, different from yesterday or last month
And things are as they are as much as I am who I am

I think and ponder, consider, re-consider, what is, why and how
The best is here and still to come

Unimportant are the events, what I did when I was chosen
Blessed by grace, guided by spirit, made aware by knowledge itself

It came to be that I am here, the “I” that I have become
Fortunate to simply be just, previous journey unquestioned

I continue with my quest unhindered by the past
Unconcerned with the future for today is an awesome gift


© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)


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