Not grown up

I have my moments.

Work had been quite hectic the whole week as we prepared for an even more stressful week next week.

At times, I feel the need to inject some laughter for a little break from seriousness. All work and no play can make you insane.

Having decided to finally go back to a life with medical aid, I went for it and agreed to do the telephonic sign up.

In general, I can’t lie. I’m a terrible liar. I had to tell the truth and there was no way I could hold back any relevant information.

But, I was quite clear that I had a once-off consultation with a psychiatrist when I was going through a depressed state after my divorce. This was in 1999! I have had medical cover and this visit to the psychiatrist had never played any relevant role in my life. The insurance company insisted on me completing the “Nervous Disorders Questionnaire”.

I am fully aware that a mental illness is a serious matter but I was never diagnosed with a mental disorder when I went for that single consultation so for me, this document was rather ridiculous.

I took the moment to add laughter to the day and proceeded to complete the questionnaire.

  • Symptoms – SAD
  • How long – Until I found a boyfriend
  • Treatment – None; I think it was something like, “Move on, ex-husband an arse; time heals all wounds”
  • Are you planning an admission to hospital for this condition? – No. For what??

Twenty16,5 Not grown up 02

I then emailed the signed form and told me to check out my blog tonight.

“Consider this, I was not a citizen, I was alone, I moved to Johannesburg without my family (my parents are in Botswana) and being a Type A person, refused to admit that I failed in my marriage so I was so sad that I thought it was abnormal to be sad and thus I consulted a Psychiatrist – with no diagnosis of any mental illness. I couldn’t even score anti-depressants or any happy pill.”

Was I being an unreasonably difficult person and a big “B”?

I then said that I hope I made them laugh.

With a “please”, I asked not to be bothered again as I am a very busy person.

My colleague said I should have warned them not to bug me as that could push me to the edge!

I had to laugh.

We had a good laugh.

Then we went back to work, 4 people tackling all of one hundred tenders.

I was only being playful today.

Please excuse me..

Twenty16,5 Not grown up 03



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