Ten Years and More

As I look back and remember… now, a cherished memory.

Regrets, I have some, I cannot run away from
After all, more than ten years have come and gone
And ten years, certainly, is a long time
Expectedly, errors in judgment abound

There were those four years of utter silence
When what we had seemed irrelevant
Yet, in retrospect, those years to waste went
One childish decision that should not have been made

I dare not make sense of previous events
Why and how into nothingness we faded
They matter not anymore
It does feel like ten years before

Unquestionably, I was convinced of what I felt
What was there that first time we met
It was indeed real, absolutely true
That it feels like only a day ago

Ten years did change us physically
Perhaps even our thoughts and point of view
Although only ever so slightly and nothing much else
For we’re both here, we have remained

I wish to not over-analyze the past
For right now today is what’s significant
I move from whatever fears I once had
A second chance I could have

No more hesitation I shall entertain
For another ten years I will not wait
What now feels right I will not question
No future regrets tolerable

Through the years I have learned
Without risks there will be no achievements
A good thing deserves nothing less
Than all of me and to give only my best

If once I held you so dear to my heart
And one more time with me you are back
I surely cannot hesitate in fear
Thinking that I could be mistaken

There is no doubt, there is no denying
It truly is love for you I feel
There is none I would want more
Than with you I would grow old

Cape Town from the Table Mountain 02

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)


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