Try to search for life’s deeper meaning
The very purpose of one’s true being
Why would paradox be persistent?
Can one control his very existence?

The wheels do turn, time goes on moving
Nothing is constant, the world’s revolving
Just when some comfort for you is meant
The unpredictable brings bewilderment

Hope is around us, so is hopelessness
Negativity equals pessimists
No matter where you lead your thoughts
Futility often ties you in knots

The quest for truth is an endless process
And almost always filled with impatience
What do you follow? Heart or mind?
Either way, we must abide

All I pray for in my lifetime
Is courage to accept whatever comes by?
For serenity to take over me
In order to find peace in my destiny

20141223 Boat Cruise (132).JPG

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)


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